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2023 NSIIC Grant Application Instructions

  Eligibility – Who can apply?

An eligible entity means any entity that promotes the betterment of the U.S. sheep industries including LLC's, partnerships, corporations, cooperative organizations, associations, a federally recognized Indian Tribe and public or quasi-public agencies.  The entity may be operated as a for-profit or a not-for-profit entity and must provide an EIN (Employer Identification Number).  The NSIIC does not require a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number.  Applicant must have credentials demonstrating expertise in project content.  Applications submitted by an individual are not allowed.  

Grant due dates and deadlines

·         Grant Applications will be available July 1, 2023 and must be received at the NSIIC office no later than September 15, 2023.

·         Applications received in the NSIIC Office after the deadline will not be opened but will be returned to the applicant without review or comment.

·         All projects will have approximately eighteen months to be completed. However, if there are circumstances that warrant a longer time period, you may request a no cost extension. 

Grant amount limits?

There is no dollar amount limit however; the average grant has been approximately $29,000.


Overhead costs

Overhead is limited to no more than 7.5% of the total grant request.   Unrecovered indirect costs are not an allowable source of matching funds. 

Matching Funds

Matching funds are not required but if indicated, any in-kind matches may only account for 50% of the total match. Additionally, salaries or other expenditures that will be made by the applicant or the applicant's employer, irrespective of a potential grant award, cannot be used as a match.

Unrecovered indirect costs are not an allowable source of matching funds.

Required format for Application submission

 The application is available from the Sheep Center.  Email  Please include you phone number. The Sheep Center will send a fillable application and The Center will contact you to answer any question or give advice. (Note that NSIIC cannot guarantee funding prior to Grant Review.)  

 We request that you use that form and tailor your responses to the space provided and observe the word limits.  


 Fill in form on your computer and save to your computer.

 Submit saved form via email to


Hard copy may be mailed to NSIIC at address on application. 


Please note that hand written applications will not be considered. 

Funds MAY be used for the following purposes:

·         Supplies, including software.

·         Labor (this includes wages or salary and benefits, other than tuition, for students or other individuals working on the project).

·         Special reference books not readily available.

·         Farm equipment rental or operating charges.

·         Travel and per diem necessary for the project.

·         Payments for project participants (especially farmers and ranchers) who aren’t drawing salaries or wages from an employer while they’re working on your project.

Funds MAY NOT be used for the following purposes:

·         Payment of tuition.

·         Purchase of books used in the student’s courses.

·         Printing or copying of a thesis or final project paper.

·         Permanent capital improvements (e.g., land, buildings, etc.).

·         Purchase of motorized vehicles.

·         Equipment that will outlast the project is generally not allowed in this grant program. Equipment rental is allowed.

NSIIC Stated Funding Priorities - Use in reference to Question #5 in Section I on Application

1.      Strengthen and enhance the production and marketing of sheep and sheep products in the United States through the improvement of infrastructure, business, resource development and the development of innovative approaches to solve long term problems.

2.      Provide leadership training and education to the industry stakeholders.

3.      Enhance sheep and sheep products in the United States through assistance to all segments of the industry to address sustainable production and marketing of sheep and sheep products.

4.      Promote marketing of sheep and sheep products through an organized method that can measure tangible results.

5.      Enhance the sheep industry by coordinating information exchange and by seeking mutual understanding and marketing within the industry community.

                    NSIIC Selection Criteria – Use in reference to Questions 1 – 5 in Section II on Appllication

1.      FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY.  Is the project financially feasible?  Will the proposed project stimulate the sheep industry?  Are the projects' financial claims achievable? Does the project have a reasonable timeline?

2.      BUSINESS SOUNDNESS. Is the business proposal sound?  What other financial backing is available?  Are the funding requirements defined?  Is the business plan adequate?  What is the likely share of the market the product could expect to capture?   Has the marketing strategy been adequately developed?  Has the applicant successfully evaluated the competition? 

3.      MANAGEMENT ABILITY.  Is the management team capable of implementing the project?  Is the program team aware of the financial, managerial, technical and other resources needed to successfully complete the project they are proposing?  Is the team aware of regulatory obstacles?  Have key milestones been identified?

4.      POTENTIAL INDUSTRY IMPACT.  How much of an impact will the project have on the sheep industry?  What is the potential market size? How much volume of product will the proposed project affect?  Will the impact be local, regional, national or international?  What impact will this project have on the sheep industry if it is successful?   How much value does the project add to the product?  How much of the value-added to the product will be realized at each step of the marketing chain?

5.      INDUSTRY COMMITMENT--What is the commitment of the producers, processors, end-users or other involved parties in participating in the proposed project? This may include, but is not limited to, individual producers, producer groups, processors, seminar participants, local organizations, local or state governments or trade associations. Is there a commitment from all who are expected to participate and benefit from the proposed project? 

Additional Information for Applicants: 

Applicants will be notified via e-mail that their application has been received within a day or two of receipt: After Review, all applicants will be sent a notice to the e-mail of the person listed as the contact person on the application. That notice will be one of three possible responses: 1)Your application did not score high enough for funding consideration 2) Your application scored high enough for funding as submitted 3) Your application scored high enough for funding but with modifications needed in the budget. You will be given the opportunity to make those modifications for funding or you may reject the modifications in which case the grant funding offer will be withdrawn. Instruction will be included in the notice.

Please note:   The Review Committee will not provide feedback to applicants however in some cases the Board may elect to encourage re submission with certain specific changes (i.e. those the Board feels were good causes but poor application preparation or those with a good idea but not sustainable as presented). In some instances the Board may want to provide a written statement, with the understanding that no further discussion is available.

Proposals submitted more than twice will not be evaluated.

The NSIIC Board request that applicants refrain from communicating with Board Members specifically about the project (i.e. lobbying your project).

Under no circumstances will applications be considered that arrive past the deadline for submission.



                   Further Questions?  Contact Steve Lee, NSIIC Program Manager at: