2016 NSIIC Funded Grants

Bartlett Yarns - It will come out in the wash

Glycoscience - Comparison of meat composition

Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation - Local Lamb Lessons

National Lamb Feeders Association - 2017 Leadership School

Montana State University - Sire breed, harvest age, and diet effects on the flavor

Montana State University - Wool Education and Researc

Mountain Meadow Wool - Wool Education and Traveling Display

North Dakota State University - Flavor and Direct Marketing of Lamb Originating from Rams

North Dakota State University -  Lamb Carcass Ultrasound Training and Certification

National Sheep Improvement Program - Education Initiative

Purdue University - Establishment of a Hair Sheep Flock for Research and Education in Indiana and Kentucky

Boone County Soil and Water Conservation District - Missouri Sheep and Goat Conference

Utah State University - Nonlethal Tools to reduce Depredation