Evaluation of growth, meat quality, and sensory characteristics of wool, hair, and wool/hair lambs

      2022 National Lamb Quality Audit:

      Development and Application of Genomic Breeding Values in the Katahdin Breed

      Development of Predator Mitigation GPS Collars

      Improving and expanding the use of livestock guardian dogs for small ruminant predation.

        Cervical Insemination: The Method of the Future      

       A foundation for genomics: building a repository of genotypes in Rambouillet sheep

      Investigating the main mastitis causing pathogens plaguing Western sheep flocks

     Automated behavioral detection of mastitis in ewes    

      Determining the relationship between growth EBVs, feed intake, and feed efficiency in range sheep    

      Commercialization of Research Lab     

      Effects of choline supplementation on reproductive outcomes in ewe lambs and growth performance and carcass characteristics of their progeny